Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hazardous Call

Kung unsa man gani'ng pagka-unsa-a, pwerteng kuganga sa akong amiga-cum-office secreary. Daw mikaging samtang nagpaminaw ning taw'ng nagpaka-aruningnon nga ako. Iya na lang pung gisakyan kutob sa makaya dang pangulba.

Laliman, alas nwebe sa buntag, samtang ako adunay gi-atiman atubangan sa pipila ka mga kaila, dungan pud nga mibagting ang iyang telepono og mi-ingon:

"Hello Kinsa ni?"

"Si Roxanne, nakalimot ka?"

"Kaila man kos tingog ni Roxanne."

"Ako lagi ni gikan pa gani kos Talisay."

"Nag-unsa man kas Talisay?"

"Namaligyag panty!"

Human, nagsukit-sukit og natinga nang akong amiga-cum-office secretary. Matud pa, kay kung si Roxanne gyud siya, nganong magsukit-sukit paman nako ug mangayo og uban pangimpormasyon nga kaila naman tang daan. Og, dugang pa, wala man ko kadungog
nga si Roxanne mag-anhaan og Talisay.

Gidakdak niya ang telepono og wala natubayi.

Wa magdugay, ang telepono sa opisina mi ring:

"Palihug kung Roxanne."

"Busy pa baya naay kaistorya, naay meeting."

"Palihug ko, sige na importante gyud."

Wala magdugay gitubag ni Roxanne ang telepono.

"Oi gwapa musta?"

"Day, nanawag kas atong amiga-cum-office secretary?"

"Wala intawn, ngano man day?"

Tinuod, didto kos Talisay ni-adtong panahuna og pwerteng balitok nako didto. Usahay man gud, adunay panahon nga mag exercise ta. Labi na, pwerya hisgot lang, natagbaw kos akong sexual partner. Physically, intellectually and emotionally, nalipay ming duha. Apan, adunay laing nalipay, pwerya!

Ang maong panghitabo dili ikahibung. Pero sa uban, mangangha na ni-adto. Ang angay ikahibung mao nga, intawn,wala ko namaligyag panty.

Kung aduna man gani koy gibaligya mao ang kalag -- ang imong kalag, ang kalag sa imong anak, og ang kalag sa anak sa imong anak nga mao ang imong apo.

Wala koy lain gidudahan nga ang mitawag mao ang mercenary-army sa reactionary ruling class --- walay lain. Kinsa paman diay? Sila ra man ang adunay kapasidad mohadlok, modaot sa ilang isig ka taw, diba?

Pero intawn, palihug lang, wala ko namaligyag panty, nagsul-ob tingali pwede pa!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Like Rey, the eight other victims were also shot to death. Seven of them had broken skulls, their brains blown away. The lone woman, Rowena, 26, died when a bullet crashed into her head; she was believed to be pregnant.

By Roxanne

(Editor?s note: The author is the former national vice-chairperson for the Visayas and former chairperson for Cebu of Anakbayan. This is her personal account of the death of nine suspected NPA guerrillas in sitio Mahayahay, Kananga, Leyte, during the Holy Week.)

Last Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ resurrected after the entire Christian world celebrated the week-long agony of the Messiah. Last Easter Sunday, too, nine peasants were buried somewhere in the remote town of Kanangga, Leyte. They had been brutally shot to death by elements of the 19th Infantry Batallion, headed by Col. Oscar Lactao of the Philippine Army.

It had been both a holy and an unholy week for me.

I was having my yearly holy week vacation with my friends and relatives in Leyte when my comrades in Anakbayan-Eastern Visayas informed me through text that one of our members was killed on April 16, Holy Wednesday.

Rey Cortin, 13, an active member of Anakbayan-Kanangga, was shot by the soldiers and died on the spot; the bullet entered his armpit and went straight to his head. He had just graduated from elementary three days earlier.

Unlike Jesus Christ, Rey did not resurrect last Easter Sunday; he was buried that day. But his dreams for a just and democratic society did not die with him.

I cancelled my personal trips so I could join the fact-finding mission organized by the human-rights group Karapatan in Tacloban City and we proceeded to the area of incident. We walked for several hours, talked to the peasant community and embraced the hotness of the sun.
Like Rey, the eight other victims were also shot to death. Of the nine victims, seven had broken skulls, their brains blown away. The lone woman, Rowena, 26, died when a bullet crashed into her head; she was believed to be pregnant.

All of them were tortured, according to reliable witness accounts. Before the victims were killed, hot water was poured on their bodies, as evidenced by the scald marks on their corpses. Residents of Kanangga, after looking at the dead bodies, described the state of the corpses: “Murag gi-lapwaan nga baboy!” (They looked like scalded pigs!)

Witnesses said the victims cried and shouted to their tormentors: “Sir, tama na, sir!? (Please, sir, enough!)

The memory of every child, or a revolutionary for that matter, who died dreaming of a just society will forever linger in our hearts and minds. The masses, the people they tirelessly served and fought for, will cherish them the most. Surely, their passing will not douse the flame of the people’s struggle for national liberation and social emancipation. Rather, it will fan the flame for the peasants? and people?s outrage against a social system that has betrayed its own people.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Published Cebu Daily News
Opinion Section
January 2005

We deeply appreciate the sentiments raised by former Senate president Jovito Salonga, who said President Arroyo would do anything in power, including kowtowing to the once popular Estrada’s wishes to but peace for herself.

Such remarks from a noted legal luminary deserved the wave-upon-wave applause of the people.

From the vantage point of the students and youth, everyday is a deepening misery as long as Gloria is in power.

President GMA, who won a fresh six-year term in office on a fraudulent presidential election in May 2004, is responsible for the further deterioration of our ailing educational system. She not only opened the Philippine educational system for exploitation from imperialist domination, she cut the education budget for elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels.

The globalization of our educational system will result in unpatriotic and anti-national curricula which will further serve the selfish interests of transnational and multi-national corporations.

Being so, the recovery of our economy through national industrialization is bleak and dim.
Through the globalization of our educational system, the students are taught and are being prepared to work abroad. Thus, the Philippines will end up not just a source of raw materials, which has been the national policy since the beginning of the 19th century to serve the rising need of the imperialist countries, we will also serve as a country that exports cheap and docile workers.

Our country can only move forward only when we encourage the educated youth to stay in our land and unite for the better.

But what happened is the exact opposite. The current regime is encouraging (directly and indirectly) the intellectuals to work abroad. After all, who wants to work in a country that does not prioritize nation building based on genuine agrarian reform so national industrialization can follow? Second, who wants to stay here when one is being prepared for export?

On the other hand, the progressive youth and student movement has, time and again, been repeating the seriousness of the current regime’s stand on cutting the education budget. It is clear that the president is a candidate for impeachment for prioritizing debt servicing and military spending over the education budget. It is stated clearly in the 1987 Constitution that education should be given the highest priority.

While we deeply agree with the sentiment of Mr. Salonga that GMA is impeachable for "obstruction of justice" in relation to the ousted Erap’s case, we also hope that the noted legal luminary will support the demands of the youth and students because the president herself is obstructing our bright future.


A fight that will never reach orgasm
Published Today’s Carolinian
Vol 17 No 22
February 2000

Most people are not driven to rape after watching ‘bold’ movies. The wed are merely driven to go home early while the unwed are driven to the john. If ‘bold’ movies pose any grave threat, it is only to the nation’s population program and to its future presidents.
The opposite may be true. The lack of ‘bold’ movies may incite more crimes. Repression never did anybody any good, politically or sexually.

Conrado de Quiros

I REMEMBER a US Trial Court Judge presiding over a sex case. After the trial, some media people asked the Judge about the case he handled and how he coped with the pressure that went along with it. One reporter asked the Judge:

"Sir," said one of the reporters, "If I may ask something-"

"What is it, boy?" the Judge said.

"Do you have any apprehensions or fears in handling the case?"

After a sigh of relief, the Judge retorted: "I have long ago lost the capacity for surprise where sex is concerned!"

The Judge was right and absolutely correct.

I believe that the sex issue is older then Methuselah-that Biblical character said to have lived longest at 969 years (no pun intended). In fact, it is no longer an issue. Those who make sex an issue were born before sex was created. In other words, there seems to be no place for the so-called moralists in this country.

I have seen ‘pornographic’ materials, virtual or not. (I use scarce quotes since I can’t figure out what pornography is). In fact, I have the CD version of the famous underground sex, courtesy of a friend. Another friend, who happens to be a college instructor here in USC, even asked for a copy. Remember those Carolinians and other sex thirsty college students enjoying themselves in the ‘howling wilderness’ only to be captured on video?

I read books, too, which touch on human sexuality and feature vivid descriptions of sex, kinky or not. I don’t know if it is ‘pornography’. All I know is it touches my consciousness and goes down deep into the twilight room of my soul, consuming the wholeness of my being. Like Jerzy Kosinki’s ‘Steps’ and ‘Pinball’ which I recommend to you. I have found both to be good readings-emotionally and intellectually.

Will that make me or both of us rapists-or engaged in the act or attempt of such?

The answer is NO.

That is the same question raised by moralists in this country. The argument is that sex movies will make one a rapist if watched often. That sex movies are sinful and evil. That sex movies are, well, bad for the youth because we are the hope of the fatherland? Why could have our national hero (who happens to have girlfriends around the world) said such a thing? Because we are still young? Don’t we wonder sometimes if Rizal ever ‘touched’ his world-class girlfriend? It is incomprehensible that he did not.

That is why I disagree with the moralists. Completely.

Simply watching sex movies (however often) will not make one a rapist. Imagine, after watching ‘Warat’ or ‘Sutla’, you suddenly have this uncontrollable itch to rape the person beside you. Only a dog would like to eat shit, leave that.

To say that sex movies are not good for a Christian country is synonymous to coercing everybody to do just what they (moralists) think is right. If that is so, then that would be no different from Martial Law.

Those who consider themselves ‘Christians’ and follow the Christian doctrine have no right to condemn individuals engaged in producing adult movies or those who watch them. They are allowed to argue, yes. But Christians who condemn and call the MTRCB chief as the ‘Queen of Lust’ do not deserve to be called as such. I am not knocking fun. I am knocking stupidity. If I were their God, I will not hesitate to send thunders and lightning upon them.

A 13-year-old, male or female, in or out of the closet, gay, bi or straight, who jacks-off ten times a day will not later turn out to be a rapist. It is common knowledge that normal human beings masturbate. This also holds true for those who watch sex movies or read magazines and books or surf websites that suit his sexual needs.

I believe that we have more cause to be suspicious to those who don’t.

But I haven’t heard the moralists protest political issues. One good example is Gary V. whose moral conduct is ‘exceptional’. This same Gary V. testified that he saw Hubert Webb (the recently convicted rapist) in California when the Vizconde massacare happened. Jumping into the fray are the entertainment arms of the Roman Catholic Church: El Shaddai, Jesus is Lord Movement, et cetera. Together with them are Henrietta Mendez, Coney Reyes and all who profess wisdom just as soon lose it. Did they raise a protest when the shanties in front of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) were wiped out by members of the Philippine National Police (PNP)?

They were not interested at all. Maybe because there is no sex involved in labor disputes, land grabbing, human rights violations and press freedom violations, to name a few among others.
Ah, well, they are just moralists after all.


“Nilatch ris?”

Morag gikumot ang akong gangha-an sa himaya samtang gasakay kog habal-habal (duha ra mi walay labot ang drayber) padulong sa usa ka bungtod sa Minglanilla. Gabi-i to ug medyo bugnaw.

Apan, ang maong mulo sa usa ka batan-on (murag hayskul pa ang pangidaron, gwapo sab ang animal) maoy misangyaw kanako ngadtos kalami. Lami unta kaayo i-ambok sa habal-habal, apan si Joseph, ang drayber, pilit kaayo sa akong dughan og gigapos ming duha sa kabugnaw sa panahon (dugay kong atang aron lang siya akong masuckyan). Wa ko ka-ambak!

“Animal ning bata-a,” yaw-yaw nakos akong kaugalingon. Nganong nadunggan pa man gyud to nakong, “nilatch ris?” Na-utgan hinuon ko…Samtang ang effeminate gay sa akong luyo, wala matingala sa maong hinabo. Murag istatuwa ang animal, hilum-hilum lang.

Dili pa lang ko dugay nag-organisa og kanang gitawag natog “grass- roots gays.” Dili sila mga bayot nga nataw sa sagbot o bayot nga sagboton pero mga bayot, intawn, nga kayud binayot para maka pang keke (hehehe!) Sila ang nagtudlo ning mga bata-a unsaon pag chupa og mga bayot. O kung mo gamit kug mas-appropriate nga gay-term mao nang “nilatch.” Lisud man sab kaayo kung ang “straight” guy mo-ingon sa bayot nga chupa ko nimo sir, diba? Sakto ra sab, mas appropriate ang nilatch ko sir. Sa termino nag-daug, apan naglami sa esensya. Walay daghang pangutana.


Ambot kung asa dapita sa Cebu gikan, o asa dapita gikan sa Pilipinas ang gigikanan aning termino nga ”nilatch.” Apan sa pag-adto nakos Mindanao, pakig hinabi sa mga bayot sa Davao, Cagayan de Oro ug bisan sa Pagadian, wala may nakabalo og ”nilatch,” Matud pas mga bayot nga akong ka-istorya sa Minglanilla, taga Mandaue daw ang nagpakuyanap aning terminoha diri sa ilang lugar.

Sa Luzon, wala gyud ni. (Apan, adunay eksplanasyon niana.)

Apan kung ”nilatch” ang hisgutan, mas kusog ang taga Mambaling. Dili sab panghambog, lisud kaayo kung theoritical ang akong pagsabot sa mga termino o mga butang. Kinahanglan kining i-validate para ang atong attempt mga ma-scientific o obhetibo ta, mapamatud-an.

Tinuod gyud, nagkatag ang ”nilatch” sa Mambaling. Mga hayskul og aduna puy naa sa kolehiyo nga mga hamtong, buotan, ug mga gwapo sab nga maka-ingon kag, ”Himaya sa langit, nganong karon pa man ko nimo gibayaw?”

Apan kung imong susihon, ang pag-tumaw sa usa ka termino dili lang kini motumaw og kalit sama sa termino nga ”nilatch” ug ”jer-jer.” Sa usa ka syentipiko nga dyornal sa Rusya, panahon sa akong idolo nga si Stalin, iyang gipagawas ang sinulat nga, ”On Marxism and Language.” Sa maong artikulo, iyang gi-ingon, og akong gito-uhan, nga ang bisan unsa nga termino, lenggwahi ug uban pang bag-o sa katilingban nga wala sa una, mitumaw kana sa panag-bangi sa hut-ong.

Kada adlaw, sa tuyo sa duha ka managsukwahing ideya, baruganan, panglantaw, pamaagi, ug estilo, motumaw ug motumaw gayud ang bag-ong kontradiksyon. Ang bag-ong kontradiksyon motumaw sa lain-lain nga paagi. Og ang linggwahi, usa kini ka offshoot sa kultura diin nagsalamin kung gi-unsa nato pagsulbad ang karaang kontradiksyon pinaagi sa pagtumaw sa bag-o.

Sa mubo nga pagka-istorya, namugna ang termino nga ”nilatch” tungod sa pang-ekonomiko nga panginahanglan ning mga bata-a. Kay kada ”nilatch” aduna man kini katugbang nga presyo.
Unya ang naka-alegre ani kay ang word nga ”nilatch” adunay prefix nga ”nil.” Diba sa ininglis ”kneel” kini ug sa bisaya ”luhod.” O diba bongga? Dili ra gyud diay layo ang English term og ang Bisayan bersyon niini.

Kung sa una ang ’bayot’ maoy mo-chupa og mo-bayad sa gi-tsupa, karon siya na ang pa-tsupa, apan, siya pa gihapon ang mobayad. Diba alegre? Na-usab ang role-playing sa katre, na-usab ang termino, apan, sama sa gi-ingon ni Stalin, wala ma-usab ang ekonomikanhon nga basehanan niini.

Og mind you, dili lang nis Mambaling, Minglanilla, o Mandaue. Sa Carcar, San Fernando, Balamban, Badian, matinga na lang ka, nga inig pangita nimog laki aron imong pagawsan sa himaya, mao naman hinuon ang motuwad kay magpalubot sa bayot. Og kung ikaw magpalubot, dili sila. Og kung ikaw mo-chupa, dili sila, kay mo-nilatch lagi. Atay!

Kini nga phenomenon (mag-idealista sa tag kadiyot ug metapisika) mao usab ang naka-pangangha nako.

Usahay maka-ingon ko, dili ba kaha si Teban og si Goliat na sab ani? Nga sama sa “jer-jer” nahimong kontrobirsyal. Og kung basin ang “nilatch” nga termino gamiton sa usa na sab ka komentarista sa radyo, matinga na lang ta nga mo-ingon na lang si Teban og si Goliat nga, ”Aw, noy, ang buot nako’ng pasabot sa ’nilatch’ mao man nga gusto kung manghinguko nimo!”


It starts in the family.

Michael Tan, Inquirer columnist, justly concluded that in every family or clan, each has its own suspect/s whose only crime is being gay or a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) groups.

The masculine gays can discreetly hide their feelings in pain – others are hemorrhaging profusely – in its literal and metaphorical sense. The effeminate or the girly-type can openly scream at the top of their lungs for their new found “freedom”—for the time being – still painful nonetheless.

The degree of tolerance or at its best acceptance between a masculine and an effeminate is light years away.

Nevertheless, the existing macho-feudal culture dominates every Filipino family. Centuries old tradition under the ultra-conservative Roman Catholic and other religious neophytes, save perhaps Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI), are the primary culprits.

Straight males are masters and the weaker ones (LGBTs and females) are slaves—though gays experienced much pain, both from the inside and outside. Who says we are no longer in a feudal stage?

Socio-cultural life

Diego, a GMA 7 talent, touted as “Pambansang Bading” by his showbiz peers is an expression of the collective guilt of every gays and even lesbians. His artistic tendencies (many concluded it is common to homosexuals, but that is another story) coincided what we long observed and unfortunately accepted that gays, despite our talent, are just the laughing stock of our stressful society.

No barrio, municipal or city fiesta will exist without the domineering gay activities. What a society who can still smile (and laugh outrageously!) at the expense of its citizens’ ill-starred participation in our cultural and social life.

Given the current political and economic set-up common misconceptions and practices makes gay’s weak, sex thirsty and (lo and behold!) source of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
“After watching bold movies,” wrote Conrado de Quiros ages ago in his column, “the wed are merely driven to go home early and the unwed are driven to the john.”

Unlike retired Justice Isagani Cruz who chooses whom to pay his respects and whom to admonish, getting the respect is quite different story, a difficult and painful one at that. Such respect is rooted on the economic situation of every member of the LGBT groups. Without that, he/she, like any penniless straight people is subjected to discrimination and exploitation.
In the guise of protecting the moral standard of any given society, gays are demonized. Such concepts and practices existed for centuries and we no longer think it isn’t wrong anymore.
In several advanced countries, LGBT communities are somewhat tolerated because they see in us a monetary value. Tolerance and acceptance are totally different.

Economic slavery

Why should we be not tolerated?

Aptly called the “pink-market,” the gay community is now the target market of surplus products and even capital. Such economic activity will convert the LGBT community into virtual slaves as consumers of surplus products.

Personally, the term “metrosexual” is an offshoot of the economic activity of the pink-market targeting the discreet and masculine gays as secondary consumers. Officially, it targets the “straight” men but actually for the discreet and masculine who deeply wish to look feminine (as dictated by their heart and mind) while maintaining their macho image.

A contradiction within to say the least brought about by the dominant macho-feudal culture.
I have this feeling that the girly-type are just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands or even millions are still languishing in their own jail of emotional and gender uncertainty. Again, no thanks to the exploitative macho-feudal culture.

The Filipino gay (commonly the girly-type), the less fortunate, underprivileged and illiterate are left with “gunting-at-suklay” just to survive the daily onslaught of our ever-deepening socio-economic situation. Others unfortunately used the “gunting” literally. They survived by being members of the “akyat-bahay-gang,” thief, robbery, illegal drug trade just to feed the hungry family – just like the economically deprived straight male and female.

While most gays can be found in rural areas and in urban poor communities, it is notable in our country when we speak of gays we often refer to them as breadwinners.

Political cruelty and prospects

Naturally, gender fair workplace is arguably too difficult to find. If there are suspects in the family, it also happens at one’s workplace. The gossip and the prying eyes burden the victim.
The girly-type should not apply in such “respectable” companies, while the discreet or masculine can openly unbutton his shirt.

In any organization, except those dedicated to culture and the arts where the dominance of gays is beyond compare, most members of the LGBT community are often misplaced, ignored and subjected to a lifetime of emotional onslaught.

Some politicians used the LGBT community in their vain attempt to climb the political ladder without even knowing or understanding LGBT issues, rights and responsibilities. Once elected, they leave behind (like dust in the wind) powerful machinery they tapped.

Now more than ever, time has come to consolidate the existing gains in the past. For the members of the LGBT community to live with pride, a strong political organization deeply rooted with the basic masses should sprout and expand by leaps and bounds. Only that will assure a bright future.


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