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A fight that will never reach orgasm
Published Today’s Carolinian
Vol 17 No 22
February 2000

Most people are not driven to rape after watching ‘bold’ movies. The wed are merely driven to go home early while the unwed are driven to the john. If ‘bold’ movies pose any grave threat, it is only to the nation’s population program and to its future presidents.
The opposite may be true. The lack of ‘bold’ movies may incite more crimes. Repression never did anybody any good, politically or sexually.

Conrado de Quiros

I REMEMBER a US Trial Court Judge presiding over a sex case. After the trial, some media people asked the Judge about the case he handled and how he coped with the pressure that went along with it. One reporter asked the Judge:

"Sir," said one of the reporters, "If I may ask something-"

"What is it, boy?" the Judge said.

"Do you have any apprehensions or fears in handling the case?"

After a sigh of relief, the Judge retorted: "I have long ago lost the capacity for surprise where sex is concerned!"

The Judge was right and absolutely correct.

I believe that the sex issue is older then Methuselah-that Biblical character said to have lived longest at 969 years (no pun intended). In fact, it is no longer an issue. Those who make sex an issue were born before sex was created. In other words, there seems to be no place for the so-called moralists in this country.

I have seen ‘pornographic’ materials, virtual or not. (I use scarce quotes since I can’t figure out what pornography is). In fact, I have the CD version of the famous underground sex, courtesy of a friend. Another friend, who happens to be a college instructor here in USC, even asked for a copy. Remember those Carolinians and other sex thirsty college students enjoying themselves in the ‘howling wilderness’ only to be captured on video?

I read books, too, which touch on human sexuality and feature vivid descriptions of sex, kinky or not. I don’t know if it is ‘pornography’. All I know is it touches my consciousness and goes down deep into the twilight room of my soul, consuming the wholeness of my being. Like Jerzy Kosinki’s ‘Steps’ and ‘Pinball’ which I recommend to you. I have found both to be good readings-emotionally and intellectually.

Will that make me or both of us rapists-or engaged in the act or attempt of such?

The answer is NO.

That is the same question raised by moralists in this country. The argument is that sex movies will make one a rapist if watched often. That sex movies are sinful and evil. That sex movies are, well, bad for the youth because we are the hope of the fatherland? Why could have our national hero (who happens to have girlfriends around the world) said such a thing? Because we are still young? Don’t we wonder sometimes if Rizal ever ‘touched’ his world-class girlfriend? It is incomprehensible that he did not.

That is why I disagree with the moralists. Completely.

Simply watching sex movies (however often) will not make one a rapist. Imagine, after watching ‘Warat’ or ‘Sutla’, you suddenly have this uncontrollable itch to rape the person beside you. Only a dog would like to eat shit, leave that.

To say that sex movies are not good for a Christian country is synonymous to coercing everybody to do just what they (moralists) think is right. If that is so, then that would be no different from Martial Law.

Those who consider themselves ‘Christians’ and follow the Christian doctrine have no right to condemn individuals engaged in producing adult movies or those who watch them. They are allowed to argue, yes. But Christians who condemn and call the MTRCB chief as the ‘Queen of Lust’ do not deserve to be called as such. I am not knocking fun. I am knocking stupidity. If I were their God, I will not hesitate to send thunders and lightning upon them.

A 13-year-old, male or female, in or out of the closet, gay, bi or straight, who jacks-off ten times a day will not later turn out to be a rapist. It is common knowledge that normal human beings masturbate. This also holds true for those who watch sex movies or read magazines and books or surf websites that suit his sexual needs.

I believe that we have more cause to be suspicious to those who don’t.

But I haven’t heard the moralists protest political issues. One good example is Gary V. whose moral conduct is ‘exceptional’. This same Gary V. testified that he saw Hubert Webb (the recently convicted rapist) in California when the Vizconde massacare happened. Jumping into the fray are the entertainment arms of the Roman Catholic Church: El Shaddai, Jesus is Lord Movement, et cetera. Together with them are Henrietta Mendez, Coney Reyes and all who profess wisdom just as soon lose it. Did they raise a protest when the shanties in front of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) were wiped out by members of the Philippine National Police (PNP)?

They were not interested at all. Maybe because there is no sex involved in labor disputes, land grabbing, human rights violations and press freedom violations, to name a few among others.
Ah, well, they are just moralists after all.

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piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch


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