Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It starts in the family.

Michael Tan, Inquirer columnist, justly concluded that in every family or clan, each has its own suspect/s whose only crime is being gay or a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) groups.

The masculine gays can discreetly hide their feelings in pain – others are hemorrhaging profusely – in its literal and metaphorical sense. The effeminate or the girly-type can openly scream at the top of their lungs for their new found “freedom”—for the time being – still painful nonetheless.

The degree of tolerance or at its best acceptance between a masculine and an effeminate is light years away.

Nevertheless, the existing macho-feudal culture dominates every Filipino family. Centuries old tradition under the ultra-conservative Roman Catholic and other religious neophytes, save perhaps Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI), are the primary culprits.

Straight males are masters and the weaker ones (LGBTs and females) are slaves—though gays experienced much pain, both from the inside and outside. Who says we are no longer in a feudal stage?

Socio-cultural life

Diego, a GMA 7 talent, touted as “Pambansang Bading” by his showbiz peers is an expression of the collective guilt of every gays and even lesbians. His artistic tendencies (many concluded it is common to homosexuals, but that is another story) coincided what we long observed and unfortunately accepted that gays, despite our talent, are just the laughing stock of our stressful society.

No barrio, municipal or city fiesta will exist without the domineering gay activities. What a society who can still smile (and laugh outrageously!) at the expense of its citizens’ ill-starred participation in our cultural and social life.

Given the current political and economic set-up common misconceptions and practices makes gay’s weak, sex thirsty and (lo and behold!) source of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
“After watching bold movies,” wrote Conrado de Quiros ages ago in his column, “the wed are merely driven to go home early and the unwed are driven to the john.”

Unlike retired Justice Isagani Cruz who chooses whom to pay his respects and whom to admonish, getting the respect is quite different story, a difficult and painful one at that. Such respect is rooted on the economic situation of every member of the LGBT groups. Without that, he/she, like any penniless straight people is subjected to discrimination and exploitation.
In the guise of protecting the moral standard of any given society, gays are demonized. Such concepts and practices existed for centuries and we no longer think it isn’t wrong anymore.
In several advanced countries, LGBT communities are somewhat tolerated because they see in us a monetary value. Tolerance and acceptance are totally different.

Economic slavery

Why should we be not tolerated?

Aptly called the “pink-market,” the gay community is now the target market of surplus products and even capital. Such economic activity will convert the LGBT community into virtual slaves as consumers of surplus products.

Personally, the term “metrosexual” is an offshoot of the economic activity of the pink-market targeting the discreet and masculine gays as secondary consumers. Officially, it targets the “straight” men but actually for the discreet and masculine who deeply wish to look feminine (as dictated by their heart and mind) while maintaining their macho image.

A contradiction within to say the least brought about by the dominant macho-feudal culture.
I have this feeling that the girly-type are just the tip of the iceberg. Tens of thousands or even millions are still languishing in their own jail of emotional and gender uncertainty. Again, no thanks to the exploitative macho-feudal culture.

The Filipino gay (commonly the girly-type), the less fortunate, underprivileged and illiterate are left with “gunting-at-suklay” just to survive the daily onslaught of our ever-deepening socio-economic situation. Others unfortunately used the “gunting” literally. They survived by being members of the “akyat-bahay-gang,” thief, robbery, illegal drug trade just to feed the hungry family – just like the economically deprived straight male and female.

While most gays can be found in rural areas and in urban poor communities, it is notable in our country when we speak of gays we often refer to them as breadwinners.

Political cruelty and prospects

Naturally, gender fair workplace is arguably too difficult to find. If there are suspects in the family, it also happens at one’s workplace. The gossip and the prying eyes burden the victim.
The girly-type should not apply in such “respectable” companies, while the discreet or masculine can openly unbutton his shirt.

In any organization, except those dedicated to culture and the arts where the dominance of gays is beyond compare, most members of the LGBT community are often misplaced, ignored and subjected to a lifetime of emotional onslaught.

Some politicians used the LGBT community in their vain attempt to climb the political ladder without even knowing or understanding LGBT issues, rights and responsibilities. Once elected, they leave behind (like dust in the wind) powerful machinery they tapped.

Now more than ever, time has come to consolidate the existing gains in the past. For the members of the LGBT community to live with pride, a strong political organization deeply rooted with the basic masses should sprout and expand by leaps and bounds. Only that will assure a bright future.


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