Saturday, March 1, 2008

ON STAND, Let’s understand

For the past several days, I am awed so much (both positively and negatively) to the comments raised by several comrades regarding the non-participation of USC-SSC, in particular, STAND Political Party, to the events that rocked our country even to the ruptures. Past issues was raised and I am glad a certain level of militancy is popping out to pressure (and condemn?) the current occupant of USC-SSC.

However, while we adhere to the historical rule STAND played in key events in our country, it is also notable to be objective when we criticize STAND as a Party and when we criticize STAND members and officers, whose current stand now is contrary to ours.

When one shares his idea and challenges the others, it is important to observe the historical roots of our criticism vis-a-vis the principle of dialectics in order to understand fully the circumstances of different opinions. Assess the objective conditions and the subjective forces that currently hold ideas which deviate from ours.

Do not assert your idea, stand, views or perspective even if you think you are correct. Let the mass movement assert it. What I mean is that if we want to see STAND to be militant, progressive and nationalist, please create a movement that will change its current stand. If we can’t do that, our criticism, however objective cannot change anything. It will only add up to the ever widening gap between history and current realities.

It will take a process, a protracted process to change something. To understand a wrong idea, it is better to get inside of that wrong idea and challenge it from within. Be confident to penetrate!

Let the individuals of that organization we so deeply love and cherish to take time and reflect to become objective. Let our criticisms take time to nourish and develop into something we want it to be.

As far as I know, the current officers and members of STAND did not amend the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization we so deeply love. So, that is a good sign that current members and officers of STAND still adheres to. It is another story if we see them act differently. On the other hand, let us examine our own constitution and by-laws first, if we, too, commit grave errors as grave as “theirs.” Or else we might end up talking to our own.

That is the greatest tragedy of all. You can’ change them. (by me proud STAND since 1995)

Nota Bene: I can’t write a long blog, am in a hurry “nilatch” is waiting. Just wanted to share a piece. I know, that Loyd, will definitely work for the revival of TC and VOT. Ingna kung bakakon if dili ma revive during his term as USC SSC President!

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