Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Msgr. Dakay’s statement

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Speak out: Msgr. Dakay’s statement
By Roxanne Omega-Doron
Provincial Coordinator, BisdakPride

LAST week, a statement from no less than Msgr. Achilles Dakay, media liaison officer of the Archdiocese of Cebu, added burden to the emotionally and physically problematic “Jan-Jan.”

To a certain degree, I am no longer surprised by his reality-detached statement.

It was un-Christian, common to some high-ranking Catholic church leaders, and an insult not only to Christian doctrine but to universally accepted human rights.

The Roman Catholic Church's position on issues is selective and biased.


Consider that the Church is mum about shanties of churchgoers demolished the past several years in the city and neighboring municipalities.

Even the demolition of stalls of Sto. Niño vendors several years ago did not catch its fancy.

Issues on extra-judicial killing of members and supporters of cause-oriented groups and media practitioners, wage and
benefits of workers, land problem and others should be given highest importance because the victims are the faithful.

But either you here nothing from the Church or you will hear it say a thing or two, nothing more.

As far as I know and based on teachings of Bible scholars (both Roman Catholic and its religious enemies) the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

It is the individuals within the Church who are homophobic.


The good Lord understands and respects; the good Lord does not condemn.

The Song of Songs, Chapter 8:5-10 (new translation by Ariel Bloch and Chana Bloch) says:

“There, beneath the apricot tree, / Your mother conceived you, / There you were born./ In that very place, I awakened you.

“Bind me as a seal upon your heart, / A sign upon your arm, / For love is as fierce as death,/ Its jealousy bitter as the
grave./Even its sparks are a raging fire, / A devouring flame.

“Great seas cannot extinguish love, / No river can sweep it away / If a man tried to buy love/ With all the wealth of his house / He would be despised.

“We have a little sister / And she has no breasts, / What shall we do for our sister /When suitors besiege her? /

“If she is a wall, we will build / A silver turret upon her. / If she is a door, we will bolt her / With beams of cedar wood.

“I am a wall / And my breasts are towers / But for my lover I am/ A city of peace.”

Homosexuality cannot be regarded as punishable offense by persons who respect the mysterious laws of nature.

Its presence in the sexual practices of all cultures everywhere and at all times is proof that it deserves recognition as a natural human phenomenon as much as heterosexuality.

By condemning the act, the homosexual question has become a genuine question, one which has given rise to lively debate, and which will continue to be discussed until it has been resolved in a satisfactory way.

That's why I am no longer surprised by the statements of Msgr. Dakay.

He is just an inheritor of a feudal bias and homophobic Church.

The best way to argue is within the context of respect – you can't go any deeper than that.


While no longer surprised, my gay friends in the religious community, including myself is hemorrhaging profusely.

A lot of things need to be done to correct the evils in our midst, we uttered.

Finally, “Jan-Jan” is answerable to his God, which is truly private between an individual and his Creator.

What he really needs now is respect, comfort and love like what the good Lord taught us.

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