Friday, March 14, 2008


Lessons (still, let’s underSTAND)

I am fully aware that the StudentsAlliance for Nationalism and Democracy(STAND) Political Party won bymajority vote (and seats in thecouncil) almost 4 years ago because ofthe support of the students,particularly in the University of SanCarlos - Talamban Campus (USCTC). Thebasis of their unity is the new policyon haircut and uniform.

Several hundreds were mobilized.Since then, STAND dash-off its studentpolitical rivals.Convening student organizations toprotests on the issue includes theLeague of Filipino Students (LFS),Anakbayan (AB), the Fratertinity andSorority Council and other traditionalorganizations included in the broadalliance, which focuses on the issueon uniform and haircut policy.

It wasa triumph of genuine understanding ofbroad alliance vis-à-vis strengtheningthe activists’ mass movement insidethe University of San Carlos whileisolating the narrowest target.It was also a triumph of selflesssacrifice to the leaders and membersof national and democratic (ND)organization such as LFS and AB inUSC. Never in the entire campaignperiod had I heard that the leaders ofsuch ND organizations telling me itwas they who make it possible to winin the SSC election. They alwayscredit to the broad support theyreceived from the Carolinian community(including the teaching and non-teaching personnel).

The latest update I received throughtext messages coming from theincumbent, supporters and alumni ofSTAND regarding the status of thecouncil election is depressing. Priorto the campaign period, severalutterances flying like wild-saucersproclaiming, among others, the pendingvictory. I am glad to hear thoseutterances, both the positive and thenegative.

Indeed, the broad masses of studentslive through what they are doing.Their message is clear. If we failedto listen and serve to theirinterests, rejection is on our way. Ihope that in the next few days andweeks, we will set aside ourdifferences, recognize and rectify ourerrors and move forward like we neverdid before.That is the only way to reclaim ourmorals—which is essentially thejustness of our cause. (rod)

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