Saturday, March 22, 2008


Unfaithful to the faithful

It was the best commentary*, though said in jest, that I’ve heard from Engr. Jun Lozada, NBN – ZTE deal star witness (the latest in the string of controversies hounding the fake, inutile, evil-bitch, fascist, puppet and bureaucrat-capitalist Gloria "Macapal-Arrovo**").

It was a joke too serious to ignore. And they never did. The laity in the Kingdom of the Diocese of Malacañang ignored the tumult in Indonesia or the once in a lifetime explosion of Supernova that took place 160,000 light-years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

Too, it strikes the nail right on the head. And it boomerangs from the Capitol to the City Hall. And shattered the all too willing puppies to eat thy shit of Malacañang.

Oh, His Eminence.

And, what can I say? A statement like that is worth pondering. And while listening, I almost lost my constancy to the world. And while listening (and reading) to the disgruntled laity, I almost collapse. Almost! It was connivance between religion and politics, stupid!

And of course, they should react the way a threatened lonely snake in the metropolis did. Just to say, one might open the pandora’s box of a million votes in her favor while the dreaded Intelligence Service Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) is recording her conversation with former election commissioner Virgillio “Garci” Garcillano. That will further open the mouth of Injustice Secretary Gonzales to defend the wrongdoing (which in the book titled “1984” is actually truth doings) of the luckiest evil-bitch.

Oh, His Eminence.

So alarming, indeed, that when a local steward of the Gospel of the Holy See, according to the unwritten verses and chapters of Ricardo 60:9 to be exact, one should not openly conduct masses for “truth seekers” because we are in a 1984, that book written by an anti-Marxist!

And so, the mass for truth was cancelled. And the mass for the evil-bitch in the Diocese of Malacañang (also known as Cebu Province), together with His Eminence, and all the clergy and politicians in front of the suffering faithful.

All: Let’s kneel and pray. Oh, Pidal*** este Vidal. (See, it rhymes)

*When Jun Lozada visited Cebu a week ago, he found it amusing that no priest can officiate a mass for "truth and accountability". It was so controversial that brought him to utter: "Diocese of Malacañang" referring to Cebu province. Which eventually and naturally brought the ire of local government officials a.k.a “the faithful”.
**Remember the 100 peso bill Arroyo was misspelled as “Arrovo”? In spanish, it means “a robber”
***that controversial bank account of Jose Pidal, which according to Panfilo Lacson is owned by the First Gentleman - truly, 1984 - but actually “owned” by his brother, Iggy.

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