Friday, December 26, 2008

Leaving and living

December 26, 2008


What a beautiful year, despite the seemingly insurmountable social realities, I enjoyed the year with a flash.

The year opened with a baby.

I thought becoming a dad, papa or tatay is impossible for me. But there’s the rub. Unknown to many, I end up a dad, papa, or tatay to someone so cute, charming, depressing and hopeful child,

The baby is actually a product of the youth’s inconsistency. Their abject poverty of mind, coupled with inept understanding of life’s difficulties constituted their utter ignorance in producing an angel.

But who can ignore an angel?

It was, first and foremost a test of one’s responsibility and commitment. Not just in raising a child to become a responsible being, but in understanding his daily needs. And I dare say, to a certain degree, I succeeded where he (sic) failed.

Having a baby is a welcome respite in these silly times.

It was just a tactical relief from my workload, or so I thought.

Often, during my “silly times” I checked the child before I go home. Buy him some milk and other needs like vitamins, fruits, and, oh yes, diaper.

Silly, indeed?

But being silly, sometimes is romantic. You romanticize the tactical relief only to be fooled again.

Surely, all dad, papa or tatay will never forget the time when they hug their baby, wipe their tears and cry with. That is the greatest gift of all.

And I was once a proud dad, papa or tatay to my baby Coco whom I will never forget.

The year 2008, too, offered some realities which can hardly be ignored.

Two of my distant relatives died in the C-130 plane crash in Davao City. It was expected.

Like any sane people, I am deeply troubled when a comrade and friend perished in the greatest encounter of her life. Rachelle, whom I admired the most, offered her life beyond our capacity to understand. Her death cannot be ignored and we cannot ignore her.

Whether you agree with me or not but dying is actually different. We don’t die equally. We don’t exit quietly. Others died lighter than a feather. Still, others died heavier than they thought.

And the greatest gift of all, 2008 offered us that after the last day of the year, a new year will emerge.

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