Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unscientific RH Bill

Sun Star Cebu
Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Roman Catholic Church, supposedly representing and guiding the collective morals of its flock in the Philippines, is detached from the disturbing social and moral realities on issues related to poverty, population and all-round development.

The local Church’s stand against Reproductive Health Bill (House Bill 5043), for example, is unscientific.

HB 5043 is based on several scientific studies that say sound family planning program is dialectically related to sound economic policy and poverty reduction.

Among its objectives is to uphold and promote respect for life, informed choice, birth spacing, and responsible parenthood in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards.

It guarantees universal access to medically-safe, legal and quality reproductive health care services and relevant information even as it prioritizes the needs of women and children.

I am also Catholic and almost all of my Catholic friends don’t subscribe to the Church hierarchy’s insistence that the reproductive health bill is anti-life and immoral.

Believing in the Church’s subjective and unscientific stand and presumptions would be like agreeing that the world is flat.

The subjective reasoning of Church leaders and their mouthpiece is not acceptable nowadays.

Being scientific is being honest. And being honest is the most moral thing to do. That is basically what the good Lord taught us.

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