Friday, December 31, 2010

Stopping hate (2)

The pink community, after closely examining hatred brought about by the inherent characteristics of the economic and social status of an individual, another major breeding ground for hatred to flourish is the cultural and political institutions, both are superstructures that rest upon an economic base that defines beyond the so-called gender and sexual identity hate. They are not just breeding grounds; they are attachment to and part of an entire web of a single system that continues to destroy the essence of an individual and society.

Such institutions not only institute hatred, but stigma and discrimination in all its forms just so a system so exploitative can still be maintained at the expense of the pink community, including those deprived of their day-to-day right to survive.

Despite its macho pronouncements claiming that the members of the pink community can join the armed forces, the military as an institution aimed at maintaining a status quo that breeds stigma and discrimination cannot claim to represent in all its glory the right to accommodate members of the pink community in its ranks.

It should be noted that the current stronger armed institution is meant to destroy any force that advocates a progressive view and alternative system that is friendly to the pink community. While laudable at face value promoting “equality” among its armed forces, the pink community once enlisted in the reactionary armed forces will be used to destroy its class origin, trained to become traitor and thus becomes a representative of a deplorable system that encourages and breeds hate, stigma and discrimination.

Positioned as a major propagator and defender of a social and economic system, religion is an institution not only encourages hate, stigma and discrimination but an instrument to enable the oppressed and exploited people (including the pink community) to be contented being exploited and oppressed. And for the pink community to be contented being maimed and hated, discriminated and demonized, anyway the supposedly Kingdom of Heaven is reserved for those who experience the brutality of a brutal system. Acting that way, it solidifies an individual to be forever hated and exploited.

Educational institutions, too, are not just there to teach us how to read, write and count, but how to defend the stigma, hate, and discrimination. A banking concept of education run that way will surely encourages more hatred and bias, like what the pink community experienced in sectarian and non-sectarian schools.

So don’t expect that stigma, hate and discrimination will be eliminated overnight like a contest involving hapless individuals eager to earn the right to fame even just a blink of an eye. Such is the case of a selective, onerous and one-sided campaign to end or stop hate anchored solely on gender and sexual identity.

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