Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today, I remember the other life.

A few minutes before 12:00 midnight, as we welcome the first day of the first year of the second decade of the millennium, our dogs and all the animals that strived to co-exist with human beings painfully wondered how brutal we can be to them. Our actions directed as if we are solely the lone lodger of a decaying world. Our celebrations as we welcome the New Year with a bang are self-destructive that we haven’t foreseen it’s after effects. Perhaps, the most that we destroyed are the animals we claim to be our best friends whose ultra-sensitive senses we utterly destroyed. For how long should we realize that human beings are not the only sentient beings?

Today is a good day to renew one’s commitment for life after destroying or altering the life of animals.

As I promised last year, and I still do now, I should take good care of my decaying health. Though exposed to some of the physical exercises like swimming and walking on a regular basis, I still cannot deviate myself from unwanted and highly destructive practices which might lead to disastrous consequences, eating is one. However conscious and cautious, the denial of one’s rights started without understanding and access to the right to information. I should not deny myself the right to know, I promised.

Like what I am doing now, I am drinking decaffeinated coffee without sugar. I wanted to limit my sugar intake. Maybe, a day without sugar will do or, a day without salt too. Today, I ignored the meat and only ate fruits and bread. Perhaps that’s enough for a soul that wanted to limit itself to what is available? Not difficult to digest, everyday we see people begging just so a cent that we gave will fill the empty stomach they have. But begging is not good. Why should people beg when others are extravagant and lazy? And why should people beg when natural resources are for all. Truly, we should abhor unequal distribution of wealth.

For how often should we remember the things that should not happen at all. Given the full stomach of select few everyday, millions are wallowing and starving in their misery. Perhaps enough to concede and put a limit to ourselves. But conceding is not enough, never will be. It allows the millions more in their misery to be deprived of their right to life. Defeating misery will do.

For sure, going organic before it’s too late will help fighting misery? Making it a lifestyle now will not only improved one’s health and fitness. Not the commercialized organic, but the organic in our backyards and neighboring sari-sari stores. It also encourages maximizing limited area for backyard gardening. It means you are going green. Going organic is also hitting two birds (or several thereof) with a single stone. It protects our only planet; it discourages massive exploitation of our limited natural resources.

It mobilizes people to be contented with what they have as opposed to consumerist practices we are exposed to.

Today, I remember all these. And hope to remember them again in the next year or two to come.

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