Friday, April 1, 2011


A scary incident occurred last 12 March in a scary television show called “Willing Willie” by no less than the scary billionaire host Willie Revillame, catapulted again into our national psyche – so scary.

All walks of life condemned the incident, notably coming from the internet savvy citizens at the prime of their life, triggered by no less than a six-year-old boy gyrating ala macho dancer on national TV.

It goes to show we are still a nation of rightful people, even if sometimes, we are selective for being right and it is good to see young people at the frontline.

Boundless condemnation occupied social networking sites after the portion of the show was uploaded on the net. All brouhaha meant to defend common sense and the protection of the rights of the child. Boundless hatred too for the host, which was only just and right, for tolerating and for taking advantage of the child’s innocent despair and abject poverty – such is utterly condemnable.

However, the episode, a child gyrating or titillating innocently was influenced by the mass media itself, the medium that brought the six-year-old live on stage. And “suddenly” we felt his pain and agony as ours.

TV, film, radio, and tabloids and lately the availability of five-peso for a few minutes of internet use in depressed communities influenced our children by following the footsteps of adults for adults. And those mediums are everywhere others are for free which can easily be downloaded or grabbed.

Unfortunately and understandably it is a common occurrence in depressed areas in our country, which covers as far as our eyesight can see. Children are even asked what the problems of their parents, and in an innocent reply, the child’s middle finger touched his/her palm several times to emphasize sex as his/her parents’ problem.

In fact it is what we are as an impoverished country. Failure to provide a decent living for our countrymen, you expect them to be culturally backward. And sex and sex jokes seems to be a normal refuge for the dispossessed, courtesy of the cultural influences.

Taking advantage of our compatriots’ misery by giving dole-outs or conditional cash transfer (CCT) for P1, 400 per family with a budget of P29B, you ask P-Noy and Dinky Soliman what a dole-out is, which is also Willie Revillame’s expertise. In that way the poor are ensured to be poor forever.

Just look at the seemingly infinite long lines when the government begins to distribute the financial aid to the poor and Willie Revillame begins his show and, lo and behold, it shows no difference at all. This is what we call public and private partnerships (3Ps).

Perhaps, the only difference between the current regime and that of Willie Revillame’s show is that Willie provided cheap laughs and highly exploitative program while the government ensured that we are beggars forever – highly dependent on government’s aid to breathe.

The former can be corrected by “online activism” the latter by a social volcano erupting through a revolution.

Even so, the show’s host and the show itself, magnified what we experienced daily, and we condemn when we saw it, thankfully. Such condemnation hopefully will also magnify our efforts to continue to be visible our campaign for morality in our country by ensuring that a child like the six-year-old boy gyrating on TV will have enough food on the table by giving and providing a decent job for his parents and the 2.3 million families more like them, as identified by Dinky and PNoy.

Then, after ousting Willie Revillame, let us broaden our rightful dreams. Let us include, stopping exploitation of senior citizens degraded in almost every shows, women as forever subservient to men on TV shows and theatre, and the LGBT community as laughing stock. Or include the rights of ordinary people for decent livelihood, land to till and others that deprived them of their right to life.

As long as the cultural institutions, the exploitative structures are still there, the economic deprivation of millions of our compatriots who wallow in abject poverty to the extent of selling their vital organs literally or showing their half naked body or a child gyrating just to earn a living, we will still be producing more Willie Revillame, more shows that demean the oppressed people, and more child exploited and molested.

And aided, no less, by a government that provided the social conditions for its continued existence.

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