Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Greetings 2011

Happy Holidays!

In behalf of Bisdak Pride, Inc., I wish to extend my boundless joy and thanks for giving us the opportunity to unite for and because of the LGBT / MSM community for the past year.

As a human rights organization dedicated to uphold, advance and protect the rights and responsibilities of persons with different sexual orientation and gender identity in the Bisaya (hence, Bisdak Pride) speaking populace, it is of utmost importance to ensure and intensify urgent social concerns affecting our community (i.e., HIV/AIDS prevention, human rights violations etc.).

It is on this premise that we will continue our tradition of assisting the marginal voices of the communities we served in order to cherish and enjoy, reflect and discern the holiday season in good faith.

In solidarity,

Roxanne Omega Doron

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