Thursday, September 26, 2013

Message from Abp. Palma

Office of the Archbishop
234 D. Jakosalem St., 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

13 September 2013


My dear brothers and sisters inChrist,

“Hate evil and love good and let justice prevail…” (Amos 5, 15)

In view of the pork barrel controversy, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines
(CBCP) exhorts the Catholic Faithful to fulfill the “Christian duty to transform society and
restore all things in Christ.”

The call is for everyone to be concerned, to be discerning, to be involved!

I am happy that in Cebu, the Coalition Against the Pork Barrel System is organizing a MarchRally on September 29, 2013 to scrap the pork barrel system and to denounce corruption.

Wherefore, I enjoin the whole Archdiocese of Cebu to be actively involved in this activity. The
following are some of the things through which we as Catholics support the good political
governance initiatives of civil society:

1. Ask the people to sign the attached UNITY STATEMENT. Explain its contents to the people
during homilies. Do the same thing in the schools and among our church organizations and
communities. Please submit the Signatures to the Chancery before October 5, 2013.

2. Send parish delegates from schools, lay organizations and movements, seminaries, and
religious communities to the September 29, 2013 activities in Cebu City:

• 1:00PM Assembly at Fuente Osmeña
• 1:30PM March from Fuente Osmeña to Plaza Independencia
• 3:00 PM Concelebrated Mass at Plaza Independencia
• 4:00-6:00 PM Interfaith Prayer and Program at Plaza Independencia.

3. Priests are encouraged to concelebrate the September 29, 3:00 p.m. Mass at Plaza
Independencia. Delegates may bring their banners and candles for the march and program.
May we continue to let God’s saving grace work through us. May Mary, our mother, always
guide our efforts in building God’s kingdom of justice, peace and love.

Non nobis Domine,

Archbishop of Cebu

N.B. Please reproduce the materials for signature campaign. For inquiries, please contact the
Archdiocesan Discernment Group through tel. # 032-406-8079; mobile # 09238720288 (Roxanne); email:

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