Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Homework (Economics, Summer 2014)

Attention: Econ students

Good day!

1. Kindly check your weekly homework. Please follow the guidelines (below) when submitting your handwritten report in a short recycled bond paper.

Write your,
Name and Course/Year:
Class Schedule and Date Submitted:
Title of economic/business article:

Then, comply the following after reading the assigned economic/business article/s:
a. What are the words and phrases you find hard to understand? Please provide your initial understanding of these words and phrases.
b. Do you have a hard time understanding these words and phrases? Why or why not?
c. Provide a brief analysis of the economic/business article/s. The analysis could be visual or written.

Deadline every Friday.

2. Course key re: online exam and assignments. However, you can't use the course key without your access code:

Econ 1N  and Econ 1: VBTA-KHP4-M29E 


Terminal Report for Summer Class: 
Read carefully:

1. Look for one or two articles about "Knowledge Economy", identify the source (author, title, date published and link) and comply the following in a two - three pages report:

a.) Summary of the article

b.) Lessons learned
c.) Relate the article/s to improve a specific sector of our economy 

2. Submit your handwritten report in a recycled short bond paper, with your name, course and year, class schedule, name of teacher. 

3. Deadline May 28, 2014


Summer Class 

Week 1: April 21 - April 25, 2014 (No Homework)

Week 2: April 28 - May 02, 2014 
Kindly follow the link: Demand Visibility: The Death of Traditional Forecasting and Empty shelves and other supply chain challenges (Note: analysis should be comparative)

Week 3: May 05 - May 09, 2014
Kindly follow the link: Labor Day mayday! and Labor today (Note: analysis should be comparative)

Week 4: May 12 - May 16, 2014
Kindly follow the link: Hype over credit rating upgrade distracts from real economic woes and Surprise upgrade issued by S&P (Note: analysis should be comparative

Week 5: May 19 - May 23, 2014
Kindly follow the link: Government remains aloof to new taxes and April tax target missed

Week 6: May 26 - May 30, 2014
Kindly follow the link: Trillion-dollar economy by 2030 and The Grim Reality Behind the Philippines' Economic Growth

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