Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bittersweet victory

December 2, 2015
Press Release
Attention: Opinion Editor
Bittersweet victory (Laude-Pemberton Case)

As a human rights group for persons with different sexual orientation and gender idenity and expression (SOGIE), we commend the Regional Trial Court handling the Laude-Pemberton case for its decision convicting the culprit - US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton.

Together with the Filipino people, the local LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender) community welcome the conviction.

A PH court in Olongapo City has found, beyond reasonable doubt, that Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude was killied by Pemberton.

Sans special treatment, we strongly recommend that Pemberton be placed in a PH prison facility to ensure no further violation of Philippine laws.

We will join, spearhead and support all efforts to ensure that justice for all victims of hate crimes and human rights violations towards the LGBT community are exposed, opposed and given justice.

Due to the series of human rights violations committed by US forces, we support for the termination of the Visiting Forced Agreement (VFA) which is the reason for the unhampered and pampered stay of US forces in our country for rest and recreation.

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Roxanne Omega Doron
Executive Director
Bisdak Pride, Inc.

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