Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekly Homework (Economics, First Semester AY 2015 - 2016)

Attention: Econ students

1. Kindly check your weekly homework. Please follow the guidelines (below) when submitting your handwritten report in a recycled short bond paper; margin, one inch (top, bottom, left, right)

No deadline extension.

Write your,

Name and Course/Year:
Weekly Homework Number: ___

Class Schedule and Date Submitted:
Title of economic/business article/s:

Then, comply the following after reading the assigned economic/business article/s:

a. What are the words and phrases you find hard to understand? Please provide your initial understanding of these words and phrases.
b. Do you have a hard time understanding these words and phrases? Why or why not?
c. Provide a brief  economic analysis of the economic/business article/s. The analysis could be visual or written.

Deadline every Thursday.

2. For your online exercises:  No deadline extension.

Principles of Economics by Arnold Set (textbook+APLIA code)  
                 888.00 regular price less 10% discount upon showing School ID
Principles of Economics by Arnold APLIA code only        
                 670.00 net of discount

Begin: 06.15.15      End: 10.12.15
Grace Period: Ends at the end of the day on 07.05.15
Textbook: Economics by Arnold
Student Registration URL:

Course Key: D5VB-LQVP-DFCA

If you encountered any technical problem, please e-mail: cc:

REMEMBER: Student account. Students must use a standard email address, example:  (ex.

3. Grading System: 

40% - Long  (Major) Examinations

25% - Aplia (Online Exercises)
25% - Terminal Report/s
10% - Class Participation (Homework, attendance and seat work)
100% - Total

4. Terminal Report: Read the instructions carefully. DEADLINE OCTOBER 1, 2015 (Thursday)

Terminal Report: Four (4) members per group (i.e. interviewer, documentor, photographer, writer)

Part I. Look for two articles about the current state of Philippine agricultural sector or anything related to Philippine agriculture, identify the source (author, title, date published and link), and comply the following:

a.) Summary of the articles (separate per article)
b.) Lessons learned (separate per article)

Part II. Visit at least two (2) public market and identify the location (Cebu City and province), estimated size, consumers income bracket, day and time of interview. Interview two (2) vendors per public market and find out whether they are selling imported or locally produced agricultural products. Make a list of these products, the countries where they are imported from,  as well as their prices. Do the same for the local products and identify the origin of locally produced agricultural products.

Interview three (3) consumers: 1 male preferably husband, 1 female preferably wife, and a young adolescent preferably 18 to 24 years old . Ask them what agricultural products they usually buy. Do they know if these products are locally produced or imported? Which do they prefer? Why?

Write a narrative report on your trip. How does this affect the local producers? What can you say about the state of the country's agricultural sector? What do you think will happen to our agricultural productivity once the Asean Economic Community (AEC) will start implementing zero tariff to agricultural products within the Asean region?

Submit your handwritten report in a recycled short bond paper, with your name, course and year, class schedule, name of teacher. Attached photos of your visit.

Weekly Homework: (Incentive)

June 8 - 12 No Homework

June 15- 19 Homework #1

Agriculture has been left behind 

June 22 - 26

As supply fears nag and oil stocks turn cheap, fund managers jump back in 

June 29 - July 3
Facts and theories 

July 6 - 10 PRE-MIDTERM EXAM July 8 - 10
No Homework

July 13 - 17
Do we have a future in manufacturing?

July 20 - 24
Laws leveling playing field enacted

July 27 - 31 No Homework

August 3 - 7 
No Homework

August 10 - 14 MIDTERM EXAM No Homework

August 17 - 21 
No Homework

August 24 - 28
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index  and Hunger: The recovery continues (Analysis should be comparative)

August 31 - September 4
Employment Situation in January 2015¹ (Final Results) and Workers belie rosy economic growth figures  (Analysis should be comparative)

September 7 - 11
Growth of services value chains, critical for job creation and inclusive growth – NEDA and Address slowing growth, government told (Analysis should be comparative)

September 14 - 18 PRE-FINAL EXAMINATIONS September 15 - 18
GDP to leave out illegal industries for now -- NEDA and Address slowing growth, government told  (Analysis should be comparative)

September 21 - 25

September 28 - October 2

October 5 - 10 FINAL EXAMINATIONS October 6 - 10

October 10 END OF CLASSES 

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