Monday, April 25, 2016

Prexy vote highlights LGBT community division

“I respect diversity of opinions and political stands coming from the members of the LGBT community re endorsing a particular candidate for elections who they think will help advance our socio-political and economic rights. Maybe (it is) because of our diversity that we also have diverse political stands. Whatever the motivation, I think it is inappropriate for a particular LGBT group or individual to speak and announce publicly their favored candidate in behalf of the entire LGBT community. The Philippine elections is a highly divisive and cruel political exercise and it is unfortunate that a claim of a particular group or individual will add burden to the already marginalized and oppressed LGBT community.”  Roxanne Omega Doron of Cebu-City-based Bisdak Pride

Link:  Prexy vote highlights LGBT community division

"May ning-ning pa ang mga bituin"

“[For me], genuine agrarian reform is not merely a social justice tool; it is also a development tool. In my opinion, no country can develop without genuine agrarian reform,” said the senatorial aspirant during Rappler’s #TheLeaderIWant Forum at the De La Salle University, January 20, 2016

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